• 100% Pure/RAW Cambodian Hair

  • High Quality 

  • Dyeable

  • Full Hair throughout 

  • One donor 

  • Cuticle intact

  • Hair can last or more years with proper care and maintenance 

Raw Cambodian Hair

You Can Order Now!

We produce our bundles directly in our warehouse in Cambodia to insure the hair is 100% unprocessed and has not been altered chemically or steamed. Each bundle comes from a single donor, which means that it isn't mixed with other hairs,synthetic fibers,or animal hairs. No two bundles are the exact same, Please note that hair colors range from brown to natural black.


Recommended Order Amount

Recommended Minimum Order             2 PACKS

Medium Hair                                    3 PACKS

Thick Hair                                      3-4 PACKS

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